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Information about Zestoretic.

Before taking this producttell your doctor or pharmacist if you are allergic to lisinopril or hydrochlorothiazideor to other ACE inhibitorssuch as captoprilbenazeprilor if you have any other allergiesThis product may contain inactive ingredientswhich can cause allergic reactions or other problemsTalk to your pharmacist for more details.

This product may affect your potassium levelsBefore using potassium supplements or salt substitutes that contain potassiumconsult your doctor or pharmacist.

When combined with other antihypertensive agentsadditive falls in blood pressure may occurConcomitant use of glyceryl trinitrate and other nitrates or other vasodilators mayfurther reduce the blood pressure.

If you are not sure if any of the above applies to youtalk to your doctor or pharmacist before taking Zestoretic.

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zestoretic may cause dizziness, lightheadedness, or fainting.

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