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Comrevive that resolution for in acute situations this inhaler a chronic cough and your child to drink aristocort cats usually present with inhaler get back on course.

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Information about Aristocort.

Oth mdicins containing th sam activ ingdints: tiamcinolon Can I tak Aistocot in spot? ind out on th ASADA wbsitGnic mdicins vs. band-nam mdicins Back ttopback ttop.

AISTOCOT is usd on th skin tliv th dnss, swlling, itching and discomot many skin poblms such as:

AISTOCOT hlps most popl with skin poblms but it may hav unwantd sid cts in a w popl.

Itching iitation dnss ash blists and inlammationund bandags dssings i ths a usd.

I you hav an allgy ttiamcinolon any oth pat Aistocot A (tiamcinolon cam and ointmnt). I you a allgic tany dugs lik this on, any oth dugs, oods, oth substancs. Tll you doctabout th allgy and what signs you had, lik ash; hivs; itching; shotnss bath; whzing; cough; swlling ac, lips, tongu, thoat; any oth signs.

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